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22 November 2013
Personal Care
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Lesbians and Hair Down There

141 Completed Responses


Writing about pubic hair, pubic care, and pubic region preferences has revealed to me that there is a limited vocabulary that references this body part. The most common everyday terms seem to be “pubes,” “bush,” “beaver,” and the more offensive term “carpet” (as in the derogatory term used for lesbians, “carpet muncher”). There are other terms, like: “short and curlies,” “muff,” “minge,” (which is reportedly a vulgar reference more common in the UK), and there is “the map of Tasmania” (from Australia). This picture Tasmania makes an explanation unnecessary.


Just as we have many different styles of doing the hair on our head, there are also many options for genital hair.

While some of my favorite crushes back in the day were proudly wearing Farrah hair, I donned the Dorothy Hamill-like wedge cut. Uh-huh. That’s right. You can’t enter a public school today without seeing the Bieber shag. But the styles of pubic hair are less visible for those of us living a clothed lifestyle. In fact, I am personally unaware of any celebrity names associated with various pubic hair styles, well, except Gwynenyth Paltro and her “70’s vibe.” (Google that if you want). I am also unaware of how most anyone I meet tends to their hair care down there. And, so you know, I’m okay with that.

In this recent asklesbians.com survey, lesbians were asked about the state of their pubic hair, preferences about partner’s pubic hair, and related personal grooming habits.



Personal Grooming Habits

* Note, younger lesbians are under-represented in this survey (only 15% of participants were under 34).Please tell your younger pals to join in the surveys


Of the women who completed this survey, the two most common responses about personal hair care were:

1. Limited hair, closely trimmed landing strip (28% or 40 lesbians)
2. Moderate hair / manicured V (30% or 42 lesbians)

Lesbians who prefer hairless genitals comprise 26% (37 lesbians) and less common are those who prefer a la natural (sometimes referred to as a “bush”) or untrimmed pubic hair (11% or 15 lesbians).

A select few (4 lesbians) prefer trimmed, but unshaped pubic hair, and one lesbian reports she is permanently hairless thanks to laser hair removal, and a final respondent reports a desire to mix it up with varying amounts of hair or none at all.

Does a lesbian’s pubic grooming habits reflect her preferences for her partner?

• 78% of lesbians who are bare, prefer her partner is the same
• 75% of lesbians with limited hair, a closely shaved landing strip, prefer the same
• 67% of lesbians with a moderate “V” shaped trim, prefer the same from her partner
• 47% of lesbians who are a la natural prefer her partner is the same

It seems the less hair a lesbian has, the less hair she would prefer her partner has.  The more hair she has, the less she is concerned how much hair her partner has.

Do lesbian’s personal grooming habits vary according to her partner’s preferences?

• 35% say yes
• 65% say no

Does age affect how a lesbian maintains her pubic hair?

Although there are almost half the number of lesbians (21) in the 18-34 age range, 43% of them prefer a partner with no pubic hair, compared to 26% of 35-44 year olds, and 22% of lesbians age 55 and older prefer their partners are bare.

Does a lesbian’s relationship status affect her grooming habits?

The only dating status that reveals a relevant deviation in grooming habits involves those who report they are “dating seriously.” Forty-percent of this group reports a preference for partner’s who wax / shave. The other women based on relationship status report a roughly 20% interest in partner’s who wax/shave.




• Lesbians are least fond of a full, untrimmed pubic hair region.
• Nearly equal numbers of lesbians report a preference for the remaining three options: closely trimmed, waxed, or slightly fuller, but still trimmed. None to some pubic hair seems to be an acceptable range for most lesbians.
• It seems the less hair a lesbian has, the less hair she would prefer her partner has.  The more hair she has, the less she is concerned how much hair her partner has.


Michele O’Mara, PhD is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Clinical Sexologist practicing in the state of Indiana with lesbians throughout the U.S. (thanks to skype and the like). These surveys are designed to learn more about lesbians and to establish a better understanding of the diversity of lesbians in love and in life. If you are a lesbian and you would like to participate in the next survey, please join my newsletter where you will find the information about and links to future surveys.  Please contact me if you have topics or questions you would like to see included on a future survey.


2 responses on “Lesbians and Pubic Hair Care

  1. Stacie says:

    Interesting! This is always a concern when I have a new partner because everyone is a little different about what they prefer. Kind of like sex in general. 🙂

  2. Monica says:

    For personal cleanliness, I always trimmed. Always showered (and ask my partner to do the same) immediately before love making. Was very thick and full, more than most women. As I aged (now 56), don’t have to trim anymore as the hair thinned out naturally and have been celibate for over a decade, which I hope to rectify!

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